1. lizclimo:

    happy st. patrick’s day

  3. studiioghibli:

    24 days of Studio Ghibli
                   Day 6: Favorite Spirit

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  4. themaninthegreenshirt:

    The Grand Hotel Budapest

  5. etsy:

    Chop those onions and memorize the noble gases at the same time: Periodic Table bamboo cutting board by ElysiumWoodworks

  6. wetheurban:

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Dreamy Photography by Brooke DiDonato 

    Today we’re delighted to showcase the work of NYC based 23-year-old fine art and portrait photographer Brooke DiDonato. Already earning her BA in photojournalism, DiDonato’s dreamy photos seamlessly blur the lines between fantasy and real-life.

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  7. bryankonietzko:

    I love this Book 3 still of my hero, Lin Beifong, from Studio Mir’s animation of a storyboard panel by supervising producer Lauren Montgomery.

  8. I will not kill a friend! If your orders are to kill a friend...then that order is wrong!

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  10. andatsea:

    I caught up and read chapter 590 and then doodled these to make myself feel better but I don’t think it worked, I’m still sad all over.

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